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"Archers fight the enemy at a distance. Great for shooting over walls. They'll also follow orders from your Commanders."

The Archer is unlocked on the single player map by beating the "Tree of Knowledge" mission.

Though they do relatively small damage and boast less HP than Samurai, they benefit from having a ranged attack. These two units are used in conjunction in most strategies.

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Yard Space Attack Range Seconds Per Attack Walk Speed Training Time Mission Unlocked
1 4 1 3 25 seconds Tree of Knowledge
Level Health Damage Per Second Training Cost (Essence) Upgrade Cost Time To Upgrade Blacksmith Level Required
1 45 11 180 - -


2 52 14 290 360,000 2d 2
3 63 18 480 900,000 3d 4
4 74 24 640 2,700,000 5d 5
5 90 30 1,000 8,100,000 7d 6



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