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The Archer Tower is the first of the Defense Buildings you unlock in Samurai Siege. It is a high-powered, one-target defense that excels at taking out single, stronger units. It has trouble with masses of infantry, as the basic weapon only damages one target at a time. The Archer Tower has a good attack range, second only to Cannons and Drum Guns, and can attack ground and air troops alike. While they are the first defense you will unlock, this does not mean that even a basic tower provides a weak defense. Upgrade them and they will serve you well.

You do not need to stay with basic arrows. Unlike the Archer troop, the Archer Tower has extra attack options that you can use, allowing you to customize your towers, your defenses and your base. Archer towers with special weapons will have flags on the side representing the type of weapon. The power of the special weapon is indicated on the flag, ranging from a single sigil meaning level 1 to a double chevron representing level 6. Level 12 towers with a level 6 weapon are some of the priciest active defenses in the game, and their attack power and hit points reflect this.

In addition to the basic attack, you can upgrade each Archer Tower--upgrades are individual to each tower--to attack with the following options:

Fire Arrows, represented by orange flames on a yellow background, which deal additional splash damage to surrounding enemies while maintaining the same rate of fire at the cost of a little base damage--great for damaging groups of troops but weaker against big solitary targets;

Heavy Arrows, represented by red bullseyes on a black background, which do enough damage to give even a Dragon pause but shoot at roughly one-quarter speed, making them good against strong targets but weak against groups; or, if you managed to unlock it in the Ricochet Revival event,

Ricochet Arrows, represented by golden checks on a blue background, which fire at half speed but do good damage against up to two targets--making them pause for a split second like a Heavy Arrow shot, if it does not kill them outright--and is supposed to do +75% more damage to Mongols, but doesn't currently. This upgrade may be purchased via the onyx store for 3450 onyx.

You will not be able to build an Archer Tower until you have unlocked it. This is done by completing the mission Focus, Focus, Focus! in the single-player Campaign.

Note: To unlock the Archer troop, you need to finish the mission Tree of Knowledge.


Castle Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Mission Unlocked Attack Range Attack Speed Size
Focus, Focus, Focus! 9 squares 0.8s 3x3

Base Damage

per Second

Base Damage

per Shot

Health Build/Upgrade Cost (Coins)  Upgrade Time Castle Level Required
1 14 11.2 600 900 1m 1
2 16 12.8 675 4,000 15m 2
3 22 17.6 750 10,000 45m 2
4 28 22.4 825 58,000 2h 3
5 38 30.4 885 180,000 6h 4
6 47 37.6 915 360,000 12h 5
7 60 48 945 720,000 1d 6
8 72 57.6 990 1,400,000 3d 7
9 84 67.2 1035 2,900,000 5d 8
10 97.5 78 1125 5,800,000 7d 8
11 112.5 90 1350 12,000,000 10d


12 129 103.2 1720 18,200,000 14d 10
13 150 120 2050 24,000,000 14d 11
14 176 140.8 2250 38,400,000 18d 12

Fire ArrowsEdit

"Fire Arrows hit the enemy then burst into flames, damaging any troops in the area."

Archer Towers have four options for a weapon. The stats for the Standard Arrows are in the above "Stats" table. The Fire Arrows do 10% less normal Damage Per Second than the Standard Arrows, but cause extra splash damage to surrounding targets with a radius of 0.9.

Attack Range Attack Speed
9 squares 0.8s
Level Splash Damage Per Second Cost to Upgrade Time To Upgrade Archer Tower Level Required
1 2 - - 5
2 3 360,000 12h 5
3 4 720,000 1d 5
4 5 2,000,000 3d 6
5 6 5,000,000 5d 7
6 7 20,000,000 8d 8

Heavy ArrowsEdit

"Heavy Damage - these hefty missles shatter armor and knock the enemy back"

Archer Towers have four options for a weapon. The stats for the Standard Arrows are in the above "Stats" table. Heavy Arrows do higher base damage and the highest damage per second, however their attack speed is 375% longer. The initial shot is instant, so it's great at killing most troops in one hit, however additional shots take much longer, so they are less useful against large groups of troops.

Attack Range Attack Speed
9 squares 3s
Level Damage Multiplier Cost to Upgrade Time To Upgrade Archer Tower Level Required
1 4.5 - - 5
2 5.25 360,000 12h 5
3 5.62 720,000 1d 5
4 6 2,000,000 3d 6
5 6.38 5,000,000 5d 7
6 7.13 20,000,000 8d 8

Ricochet Arrows Edit

"Strikes enemies so hard the arrows splinter off towards a second target! Deals massive damage to mongols!"

Archer Towers have four options for a weapon. The stats for the Standard Arrows are in the above "Stats" table. Ricochet Arrows improve damage with additional levels, however their attack speed is 100% longer, so their damage per second is 50% lower. However, since each arrow hits 2 units, they are excellent at dealing with more than one unit. Additionally, the 2nd target might be out of range of the archer tower, so the 2nd hit of a ricochet arrow can hit targets outside their normal range if there is another unit within range. Contrary to what the description says, the +75% increased damage to mongols is implemented incorrectly and mongols take ~10% less damage from ricochet arrows. They are especially useful at high levels because they can take out high level archers in one hit, whereas standard arrows can't.

Attack Range Attack Speed
9 squares 1.6s
Level Damage Multiplier Cost to Upgrade Time To Upgrade Archer Tower Level Required
1 1 - - 5
2 1.1 360,000 12h 5
3 1.2 720,000 1d 5
4 1.3 2,000,000 3d 6
5 1.4 5,000,000 5d 7
6 1.5 20,000,000 8d 8


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