Conquest wars are an alternative to Alliance events and Alliance Wars.  Instead of fighting 3 other alliances based entirely on war points, there is a conquest map which players can attack to claim territories or nodes.  Each attack adds war points to that node, and once the quota has been reached, the node is secured for the team, making it impossible for other teams to score on that node.

Conquests run on a 6 hour timer, but once all nodes are cleared, the conquest ends even if there is time left on the war clock.  The cool down time for each alliance remains, though, at 6 hours after matching.  Alliances can do a maximum of 3 conquests per day, and often times matching can take over 30 minutes.  Due to the speed of players and size of the map, conquests are often over quickly and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour with 150-200 fully active players.  There is also no limit on how many conquests a player can do, which has led to players moving from alliance to alliance, winning many conquests in a short time period after each map is cleaned.


The major reason to play conquests is for the onyx payout.  Onyx is expensive to purchase in the store and costs 10x as much as diamonds, so using that rate, each conquest can be worth up to the equivalent of 500 diamonds in onyx, which is more than the maximum of 300 per Alliance war in 12 hours.  It is also possible to do 5 or even more conquests in a day in in the same amount of time as a regular alliance war.

The minimum number of players required to receive 50 onyx in a war is 32 castle 11 players.

Sum of Castle Levels 1st Place Onyx 1st Place Alliance XP 2nd Place Onyx 2nd Place Alliance XP 3rd Place Onyx 3rd Place Alliance XP
0 10 100 5 50 5 25
50 10 140 5 70 5 35
100 15 230 10 115 5 55
150 20 300 10 150 10 75
200 30 520 15 160 10 130
250 35 540 15 270 10 135
300 45 670 25 335 15 170
350 50 800 25 400 15 200

Tactics and the War ChestEdit

Conquest Wars utilize a War Chest which can be filled up to a maximum of 200 million Essence to purchase Rally Flags (+50% War Points for your alliance) and Jade Coins to purchase Blockades (-50% War Points for all alliances). The war chest closes during the conquest, so you must fill prior to starting the war.

Both of these tactics can be used during the conquest war up to 5 times, and can be placed by a Shogun or General by using the "Tactics" button during the conquest.

Tactic used Rally Flag Cost (Essence) Blockade Cost (Jade)
1 1,000,000 1,000,000
2 8,000,000 8,000,000
3 17,000,000 17,000,000
4 29,000,000 29,000,000
5 45,000,000 45,000,000

Rallies are used only on nodes available to attack, and increase your alliance's war points by +50%. If used on a blockade, they will cancel each other out, though odd war point numbers will be rounded down. Since essence is such a common commodity, rallies are almost always used, and they can be extremely useful in pushing Leagues, since the bonus war points count there as well.

Blockades can be placed anywhere on the map, and will affect all alliances attempting to attack a node. They are useful for slowing down opponents, forcing an opponent to go in a certain direction, or making them use a rally flag.

A leader is almost always required to direct the course of the war, and direct players to attack particular nodes. The leader's job is primarily to give directions, but also to keep an eye on opponents and use Rally Flags and Blockades effectively. A common approach is to split the alliance up into teams using honor or donation rank so that nodes can be taken quickly and efficiently in 1-2 minutes.


Unlike Alliance Wars, conquests require energy to attack on the map. Each player starts with 5 energy, and energy takes 7 minutes to recharge, with a maximum of 5 energy at any time. This means that attacks are limited, and techniques like sniping aren't as useful, and using diamonds to quickly finish troops is very effective. It is also useful to have high honor to avoid wasting time by skipping through low castle levels.

It is currently not possible to purchase energy. The only way to regain energy is to wait.


It is currently unknown how opponents are matched, and what node sizes are available. In the past, honor level was thought to be the deciding factor in what node sizes were chosen for the conquest map, but this no longer seems to be the case. The official Space Ape response is: The Warpoints per node is scaled and depends on the average castle level of the LOWEST level alliance. All four Alliances in the conquest war will see the same number of warpoints for a particular node. Warpoints will vary from war to war depending on the levels of the matched Alliances.

Unfortunately, this is either incomplete, or worded improperly, as a level 1 alliance with average castle level of 11 does not automatically guarantee a max node game, contrary to what Space Ape claims.

Map LayoutEdit

Conquest Map

Conquest Map

The standard conquest map has 89 points on it. After the war, these points are awarded to the alliance and the top alliances with the most points are placed on the ranking page within the game. This was last reset on November 18th, 2014.


King of the HillEdit

Space Ape has changed conquests slightly in the past for special events and replaced the standard small map with a much larger King of the Hill Variant, with more nodes, and usually accompanied by double onyx rewards. This larger map is usually much tougher to clean.

War RushEdit

War Rushes for conquests usually involve half cool downs, half war times, half node sizes, and half rewards.