Decorations are items in-game that you can buy or purchase with Jade Coins , Essence and Diamonds . They have very little purpose in-game but can be unlocked at a certain Alliance level, Singleplayer Mission or Castle level. They often require a small/medium amount of in-game currency to purchase and often look pretty, being able to form patterns and mosaics with them. Although they have very little purpose SpaceApe Games has, in the Halloween Update 2013 added 3 limited time only items. These items are the Ghost Flag, Pumpkin Flag and Pumpkin. These items can often show off the prowess or nationality of the player and are usually only purchased for sentimental reasons or if the player has too much cash on hand.

Standard ItemsEdit

Name Cost Description Usage
Peach Tree 200 Essence Small short peach tree -
Cherry Tree 2,000 Essence Tall pink tree, with a brown trunk large enough to hide holes in walls or other objects
Lion Statue 2,000 Coins jade colored lion on a gray pedastel confuse troops into believing that this is a Jade Lion (the defensive structure)
Decorative Gate 600 Essence gray gate with a beige stripe on top funneling troops into traps or heavily guarded areas
Alliance Flag 100 Diamonds flag of your alliance show off what flag your Alliance has (automatically changes if you switch Alliances, flag disappears if you are not part of an Alliance)
National Flags 250,000 Coins assortment of flags of different nations show the nationality of you or your Alliance
Other Flags 250,000 Coins Silver Fern, Sword, and Space Ape flags show an affinity for something

Seasonal ItemsEdit

Name Cost Description Available
Pumpkin 20,000 Coins your run of the mill Jack-o-Lantern around Halloween
Pumpkin Flag 100,000 Coins black flag with an orange pumpkin around Halloween
Ghost Flag 250,000 Coins black flag with a white ghost around Halloween