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"A fearsome, fire-breathing beast that will blast the enemy like a blowtorch!"

Here's a riddle: What is Big, Blue, breathes fire, and can warp through the very fabric of time and space before destroying stuff?  Essence Dragons!  These magical beings have a parcticular hatred of enemy troops and are immune to freezing.

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Important Notes

  • You must have 800 honor to train a Dragon in your Dojo. If your honor drops below 800, you will not be able to train a dragon until your honor is once again above 800.
  • Healer has no effect on this unit
  • Immune to freezing shots from the Freeze Tower
  • Upgrades in the Ancient Temple


Yard Space Attack Range Splash Damage Range Seconds Per Attack Walk Speed Training Time Mission Unlocked
20 3 3.2 0.3 1 25 minutes Dragon Altar
Level Health Damage Per Second Training Cost (Essence) Cost to Upgrade Time To Upgrade Temple Level Required
1 1,200 80 50,000 - - -
2 1,600 90 75,000 8,000,000 2 days 3
3 1,900 100 100,000 12,000,000 5 days 4
4 2,200 120 150,000 20,000,000 8 days 5



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