Dragon statue
"Awarded to the top Alliances who Sieged the Day in the 'Save the Season' contest."

This statue releases a low level dragon when it is destroyed to help during defense of your village. It was awarded to any player who was in an Alliance when it reached a total of 50,000 presents during the Save the Season event.

The Dragon Statue can be upgraded to level 3, being more effective when upgraded.

Note that the Dragon Statue is not considered a "Defensive" building by commanded units, so they will ignore it.

It can also now be bought in the Onyx Market for 5800 Onyx.  The dragon when fully upgraded is not particularly impressive and in general is not worth purchasing when other Onyx sinks like Rashomon are usable on attack and much more powerful, even on defense.


Level Statue Health Troop Damage per Second Troop Health Cost
1 150 8 200 -
2 200 12 400 10,000,000
3 300 20 800 20,000,000


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