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"Fell into an Essence vat as a baby and has had a way with the blue stuff ever since. This means he can fire lightning bolts from his fingers. Handy."

The Essence Master is unlocked on the single player map by beating the "Temple Challenge" mission.

The Essence Master deals damage to opponent units by shooting lightning from his hands. The lightning has a chain effect, allowing him to damage up to 3 units or buildings at once.

The Master is not upgraded in the Blacksmith but instead upgraded in the Ancient Temple.

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Yard Space Attack Range Seconds Per Attack Walk Speed Training Time Mission Unlocked
12 3.5 0.3 2 10 minutes Temple Challenge
Level Health Damage Per Second Training Cost (Essence) Upgrade Cost Time To Upgrade Ancient Temple Level Required
1 210 108 22,000 - -


2 273 143.3 36,000 5,400,000 2d 3
3 355 193.3 48,000 13,400,000 4d 4
4 444 240 75,000 24,500,000 6d 6
5 504 288 112,000 36,500,000 9d 7
6 540 300 175,000 ??? ??? 8



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