Fire scroll

Fire Scroll

The Fire Scroll can be built at the Scroll Statue.

Using the Fire Scroll causes meteors to fall from the sky and deal damage to buildings and units near where it was deployed. Fire Scrolls can be upgraded in the Ancient Temple which will allow them to do more damage to buildings and troops when deployed and will also increase the cost.

It is mainly useful for destroying dangerous defenses prior to attack.  It does dramatically less damage to Castles and currency storage vessels.


Damage Radius Training Time Attack Range
1.3 6m 2
Level Splash Damage per meteor Total Damage Production Cost (JadeSpawn Count Upgrade Cost (EssenceUpgrade Time Ancient Temple Level Required
1 65 650 90,000 10 - - 1
2 85 1020 110,000 12 3,600,000 2h 24m 3
3 105 1470 130,000 14 9,500,000 4d 4
4 140 2240 150,000 16 9



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