The Freeze Scroll can be built at the Scroll Statue.

The Freeze Scroll can freeze multiple buildings for other troops to attack, and deals damage to Fire Demons due to their ice weakness. It is especially effective on Lightning Towers and Freeze Towers, allowing units to destroy them before they even get a shot off.

The actual radius of the scroll is a bit unintuitive, as the only buildings that will be frozen are the ones with the left most corner inside the radius. Thus, you can be nearly on the center of a building and actually fail to freeze the building.

Stats Edit

Training Time Attack Range
6m 4
Level Production Cost (JadeFreeze Length Upgrade Cost (EssenceUpgrade Time Ancient Temple Level Required
1 32,000 4s - - 1
2 54,000 6s 360,000 1d 1
3 65,000 8s 1,800,000 3d 2
4 72,000 10s 5,400,000 5d 3
5 79,000 12s 8,100,000 6d 4



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