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Below are player-submitted ideas for future updates, a complete update history, and any announcements made on the Samurai Siege facebook page or Official Announcements thread on the forums.

This wikia is open to justifiable revisions. Please keep the page up to date as updates are released.

Player-Submitted UpdatesEdit

These are ideas submitted by players. This des not imply that Space Ape is currently working on them. Players are encouraged to submit future ideas on this thread of Space Ape forums, or on this Wiki 

  • Global chat- a place for all members to communicate with one another in localized, censured lobbies.
  • Extended alliance chat history (e.g. "up to 100 last messages")
  • Optimizing donation counter- faster, better, less lag
  • Optimizing troop training- less lag in que
  • Player experience level meter, including a more overt experience system (how much experience per donation, upgrade, in what intergral, etc.)
  • Support for multiple languages, alphabets, and emojis
  • Prevention of caption/font overlap in alliance information

Current VersionEdit

iOS 1.49, Android

Previous UpdatesEdit

Players are suggested to check the Updates Space Ape forum, which can provide additional information. Many thanks to staff member Bevy for keeping the community updated!

  • Ability to report offensive names and alliances
  • Improved feedback options
  • Storyline improvements and extensions
  • Shield time doubled
  • Levels added or altered
  • Improved PvP matchmaking
  • Building status indicators
  • Improved performance
  • Improved troop movement and AI performance
  • Improved cannon art
  • Improved look and feel
  • Improved transition screen
  • Added new levels to play
  • Improved loading time
  • Improved harvester on UI screen
  • Practice Yard Full notification appears above Dojos when troops are still on que
  • Marcenary Tower renamed Mercenary Camp (with new graphic)
  • Only Shoguns and Generals can declare war
  • Amount of resources collected when clicking resource buildings is now displayed
  • Troops are knocked back when defeated
  • New storage artwork
  • Troop spawn arrow now appears to show what a troop will attack first
  • Multiple arrows indicate that troops are targeting multiple targets
  • Troops may "change their mind" and target another object if circumstances change (e.g., building destroyed, wall broken)
  • Troop request time halved to thirty minutes
  • Archer no longer drops down from archer tower
  • Loot system improved to discourage high castle players from dropping honor and looting below their level
  • Added villagers
  • Added assasins
  • Added current recruitment system
  • Added more country flags
  • Optimization of alliance flag builder
  • Compatability fixes with Android OS 
  • Seasonal decorations (Halloween pumpkins, spooky atmosphere, Christma/Winter them and additional decorations)
  • A host of bug fixes, server optimizations, artwork improvements, interface tweaks and AI performance boosts