Mu-Shen is a powerful dragon available for purchase from the Onyx Market. Her stats are similar to a level 3 Dragon, but she has an extremely wide splash range, able to hit up to 9 3x3 buildings at the same time if the buildings are laid out properly. Like other dragons, she is unable to be healed by Healers.

Mu-Shen arrives in 2 flavors: the legendary adult and babies hatched from her blood dragon nest.  

Mu-Shen's Tower can be purchased for 400 onyx as long as the player has 3200 honor or higher and lasts for 7 days.  It provides an adult Mu-Shen on attack.  When Mu-Shen dies, she casts a meteor spell at her last location.

Mu-Shen's Nest protects your base by releasing multiple baby blood dragons when destroyed and provides support on attack as well.

Note that not much information is available on these troops because of a lack of information from Space Ape.


Level Health Damage per Second Damage per Hit Seconds per Hit Splash Range Notes
Baby 250 7 3.5 0.5 1.5 -
Adult 1900 117 35 0.3 4.2 Drops a Meteor scroll upon death



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