"When you just *have* to destroy every single wall in an enemy base"

The Nuclear Ram is a special troop trainable only during special events. It looks and functions like a normal ram with a few differences.


  • They prioritize walls in straight lines (NE, NW, SE, SW).
  • If they are deployed when there are no walls they are deployed as 1 troop without the ram.
  • When the troop dies on offense or defense, it will always explode, similar to the way a Fire Demon does.
  • Rams will explode if they are sent into the pole of a Practice Yard.
  • Nuclear rams move significantly faster than normal rams, and kill virtually everything in one hit, except for max HP walls.
Ram small


Yard Space Attack Range Seconds Per Attack Damage Radius Walk Speed Training Time
10 0.5 0.1 5 11 7m
Level Damage Per Second Hit Points Training Cost (essence) Troop Damage Per Second Troop Hit Points
1 13800 500 100,000 240 1150



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