The Onyx Market can be found in the build menu and contains extra buildings, both permanent and temporary which provide cosmetic changes and extra troops on attack and defense.

In general, permanent items cost extra onyx.

The Onyx Market also gets rotated out where new troops are added and old troops are removed bi-weekly on Wednesday at 1200 GMT. A weekly flyer is sent out to VIP players on Tuesdays with details on what buildings are leaving and coming into the market.

Permanent ItemsEdit

Name Cost (Onyx) Duration Build Time Castle Level Required Notes
Boss Haunted Tree 135 7 days 30 s
Jade Dragon's Tower 310 7 days Instant 15000 Honor minimum
Mu-Shen's Tower 480 7 days Instant 3200 Honor minimum
Fast Essence Well 30 7 days 15 s 3000 Honor minimum
Small Kami Idol 10 7 days Instant 10000 Honor minimum, +50% Kami XP
Mini Kami Idol 10 7 days instant 5000 Honor minimum, +10% Kami XP
Temporary Freeze Tower 160 7 days instant Upgradable
Onyx Mine 360 Permanent 4 days 7
Dragon Egg 820 Permanent 1 hour
Emperor Yami Statue 1550 Permanent Instant Releases Fire Scroll upon destruction
Pirate Cannon 3250 Permanent 5 days Releases 5 ninjas upon destruction
Fire Demon Statue 3800 Permanent 1 min Released weak Fire Demon upon destruction
Double Dragon Statue 4550 Permanent 1 min Releases two very weak dragons upon destruction
Zen Tree Master 5500 Permanent 1 min 6 Provides an Essence Master on attack and weak Zen Tree Master upon destruction
Dragon Statue 5800 Permanent 1 min 1 Releases one weak dragon upon destruction
Lord Ifrith's Pit 14800 Permanent Instant 8 Provides Lord Ifrith on attack
Necromander Token 4500 Permanent Instant Unlocks Necromander weapon for the Commander
Pulse Tower Variation Token 1500 Permanent Instant Unlocks Pulse Tower for Lightning Tower
Ricochet Arrows 3450 Permanent Instant Unlocks Ricochet Arrows for Archer Towers
Poison Shot 4900 Permanent Instant Unlocks Poison Shot for Cannons
The Molten Crown 10500 Permanent Instant Unlocks Prince Ifrith upgrade for Lord Ifrith's Pit
The Badlands Coast 1100 Permanent Instant Unlocks Badlands Coast Homeland
Snowy Valley 1300 Permanent Instant Unlocks Snowy Valley Homeland

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