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Onyx Mine

Summary Edit

Onyx mine is obtained as a reward through the "Onyx Mine Tournament" that started 11/14/2014.

At Castle level 7 it is also available to purchase through the Onyx Market for the price of 360 Onyx.

Description: "Fuel up this automated mine with essence to receive a steady supply of Onyx! Shuts tight when under attack to stop thieving raiders."

There is also a variant of the Onyx Mine that is "Supercharged" and produces 10 onyx in 4 hours. It is a temporary camp available only during promotions and alliance events.

Stats Edit

Level Charge Cost (Essence) Charge Time Onyx per charge (Onyx) Health Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Castle Level Required
1 648,000 10 hours 6 1500 360 Onyx 4 days 7
2 1,080,000 10 hours 12 1500 5,000,000 Jade 5 days 8

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