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Summary Edit

Roaming Spirits are spirits that roam around your village.They Do nothing except roam.
Some spirits are not roaming,but can be useful for battles,but for a limited Time.
Some occur common,uncommon,rare or even more.

The Spirits Edit

  • Samurai (Common)
  • Jade Lion (Uncommon)
  • Ram Engineer (Rare)
  • Ninja (Rare)
  • Mongol (Uncommon)
  • Oni Troll (Rare)
  • Archer (Common)
  • Commander (Uncommon)

Note: Please add more to this list if you find more spirits not in this list.

Useful Spirits Edit

  • Tetsuo (From Tetsuo's Grave)
  • Ghost Demon (From Haunted Trees and Boss Haunted Trees)

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