"Spells from the Scroll Statue can be cast in battle to freeze enemies and deal unspeakable damage! Use wisely."

The Scroll Statue can create spells that can be cast during to battle to damage or temporarily freeze enemy buildings.

Double-tapping a Scroll Statue brings up its "Create Scrolls" screen


Level Health Spell Space Queue Length Build/Upgrade Cost (Essence) Build/Upgrade Time Castle Level
1 375 2 2 360,000 12h 5
2 450 3 3 1,100,000 1d 6
3 525 4 4 2,900,000 3d 7
4 600 5 5 5,800,000 6d 8


  • Fire Scroll - The Fire Scroll can be used during battle to drop fiery meteors in a specific loction
  • Freeze Scroll - The Freeze Scroll can be used during battle to freeze enemy buildings and Alliance Portal troops
  • Snowball Scroll - The Snowball Scroll sends a giant snowball across your enemy's base causing massive damage to anything in its path.
  • Earthquake Scroll - The Earthquake Scroll sends a tremor from beneath earth that devastates walls and stuns enemy troops.



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