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An active Shield gives you the ability to turn off the game and remain safe from enemy attacks. You can play the single-player Campaign without breaking your Shield, but you will lose it if you enter a Multiplayer battle.

Note: As of the 11/7/2013 release purchased shields are not working for some people, space ape has provided the following statement on the issue: "We are aware that some players are experiencing being attacked while having a purchased shield in place. 

Currently if you buy a shield and then immediately quit the app, the shield may not work properly. This will be resolved in our next game version release.

In the mean time, to ensure your shield purchase works correctly, immediately after you purchase the shield, please load up the "rankings" leaderboard before exiting the app.

Thanks for your patience while we resolve this"

1 Hour Shield

"Buy your village and hour of protection. Can only purchase once each day.

1 Day Shield

"Keep invaders at bay for a full day. Can only purchase once each week."

3 Day Shield

"Protect your village for three days. Can only purchase once every two weeks."

7 Day Shield

"Taking a holiday? Get seven full days of protection. Can only purchase once every 30 days."


Shield Currency Amount Cooldown Length Shield Length (minutes)
1 Hour Essence 1,000 24h 60
1 Day Diamonds 200 7d 1,440
3 Day Diamonds 400 14d 4,320
7 Day Diamonds 1000 30d 10,080

Defensive Shields

When your village is attacked and you sustain enough damage you will receive a shield to prevent further attacks for a short period of time.  The table below outlines the possible shields and what circumstances leads to each  The length of the shield is based upon the percent damage you incurred and does not have a correlation to the number of stars the attacker achieved.  For example, a 1 star victory at 2% yields no shield.

Shield Damage Range
30 Minutes 3%* - 39%   
10 Hours 40% - 59%
14 Hours 60% - 89%
16 Hours 90% - 100%
  • Note: the 3% really means that at least two buildings were destroyed, for lower level castes this may be 4%)
  • During special events Space Ape often reduces shield times to ensure there are villages to attack.  This can be a reduction of between 50% and 66%, these reductions typically last the duration of the event.