Snowball Scroll

"Bowl over your enemies with this rumbling ball of ice! Tap and hold to see in which direction it will go."

The Snowball Scroll can be built at the Scroll Statue and upgraded in the Ancient Temple to increase the damage it deals to both enemy buildings and troops. Upgrades will also increase the coins cost per scroll. The Snowball Scroll was added during the holiday update, along with levels that are required to pass in order to unlock it.


Level 1 Level 2

Movement Speed

6 6
Damage Radius 1.4 1.4
Damage Per Second 180 230
Cost To Make (Coins) 45,000 55,000
Time To Make 6m 6m
Temple Level Required - 2
Upgrade Cost (Essence) - 1,800,000
Upgrade Duration - 1d



See Also: Scroll Statue | Ancient Temple | Freeze Scroll | Fire Scroll

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