The Sun Master is an immensely powerful Fire Master. Each shot multiplies into 4+ projectiles, creating a large radius splash damage with immense damage at the center of the blast. He is one of the most powerful units in Samurai Siege because he is very sturdy, and his attack range keeps him out of harms way. Like the Fire Master, his projectile is imprecise, but in his case it works to his advantage. If a shot misses its target, it might go behind the target, destroying Archer Towers and even Drum Guns safely out of reach, since his attack range is so large.

He has a nasty habit of attacking walls similar to Hime Kazuyo but unlike the poisonous princess, his attack damage is so large it doesn't really hinder him much.

Note that not much information is available on these troops because of a lack of information from Space Ape.


Level Health Damage per Second Damage per Hit Seconds per Hit Attack Range Notes
1 725 233 175 x 4 3 5 Fireball explodes multiple times for extra damage
2 1355 380 285 x 4 3 5 Fireball explodes multiple times for extra damage



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