Hey guys! It's McChaos33 and I would just like to personally thank everyone who has contributed to the wiki over its lifetime and personally would like to thank all the other Admins, especially Scrimshander for really putting in that something special to make this feel like a second home for me and helping grow this wiki from the ground up. I am feeling at the moment with the new update coming soon to try and get into the festive spirit and just take the time to thank all of the wonderful people on the wiki that truly want to help. I would also like to thank Scrimshander again for promoting me to Admin, I know it's a bit late but I guess I never got round to doing it. Currently I have 3 more days of school before a 6 week break over the Christmas period so I am going to be on regularly which means if you have any questions or queries you can always leave something on my wall and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


McChaos33 :)